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EboSuite transforms Ableton Live into an audio-visual production suite. Sample, mix and manipulate video in the same way as you are used to with audio.

EboSuite 1.1 Update!

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We’re proud to present the newest update of EboSuite! Adding some great new features!
You are now able to use up to 64 video tracks simultaneously. We’ve added a new plug-in: eTrackTransform. This plug-in allows you to position, scale and rotate individual video tracks to arrange them.
eFX: A set of 12 stackable visual effects for realtime image processing (for master output and individual tracks).
And obviously are already working hard on the next updates adding even more functionality to the eSampler, adding support for more video codecs (ProRes & h.264) and adding more visual effects to make EboSuite an even greater audiovisual force to reckon with!
Enjoy the new updates!

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