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EboSuite is under constant development by EboStudio. EboStudio consists of a team of very experienced AV technology engineers and designers. We have been working on live AV technology since 1995. Our focus has been video sampling and technology that supports video sampling, like video mixing and compositing, audiovisual FX, interactive browsing and sequencing, AV sequencing, AV analysis, interfaces for live performances and much more.


1995 – Video sampler

In 1995 we developed our first video sampler. A combination of a Commodore Amiga and a Roland S760 audio sampler connected to a Apple Macintosh running Cubase. In this way audio samples and short video clips could be triggered with MIDI clips and with a keyboard live in sync, creating an audiovisual video sampler set-up.

Example 1                                              Example 2

Example 3                                              Example 4

1997 – Ebonator

The Ebonator was developed in 1997 to play and pitch videos on multiple computers in sync. An audio timecode signal was used to keep the computers in sync. The output of the different computers was sent out to multiple video screens or mixed using an external video mixer. The Ebonator was used to present a.o. the video sample movies ‘Fort Ebo Gold’(1997) And dDriver must be a MAdMaN (1999).

Screenshots and live images

1999  – SenSorSuit

In 1999 we developed a body suit with motion tracking sensors to control audio visual performances with multiple video screens in a more intuitive way. Sensors in the armpits, elbows, on the hands and buttons on the floor enabled the user to scrub, pitch and trigger multiple videos simultaneously live.

Screenshots and live images


2002  – DVJ Mixer

In 2002 we developed our first DVJ video mixer. The DVJ mixer was software to mix audio visual video clips live on a laptop. Three video clips could be mixed at the same time using different effects, like chroma key or displacement. 3D open GL effects were added later. To control the mix the videos could be pitched and looped and markers and trigger points could be added.

Screenshots and live images

2003 – Int_R_faCe band

In 2003 we build a lot of experimental audio visual instruments for improvised AV performances with multiple players. A.o. a USB skate board, drum kit, Game controllers and helmet could be used to trigger, scratch, mix, distort and manipulate video samples. The most succesfull instrument was the skrtZz pen.

Screenshots and live images

2003 – Frame Drummer Pro

The Frame Drummer Pro was an advanced video sampler optimized for control with Logic Audio. The Frame Drummer Pro was equipped with an audio analyzer for automatic slicing, midi effects, audio visual effects and a render engine to render midi files to movies. The Frame Drummer Pro is used to produce LLib LLikDVJ 3.0 tracks and many more tracks.


2004 – Sens I

SenS I was our first attempt to unify the most succesful concepts of our earlier experiments into one AV system and to connect that system as seamless as possible with a music sequencer, Logic Audio in this case. Next to a music sequencer the system was controllable with three sensorsuits at the same time. The system was pretty advanced, supporting a.o. live video triggering, scratching, mixing, distorting, but it was not very stable.


2005 – Sens II

SenS II was an improved and much more stable version of SenS I. Additionally SenS II was equipped with an internal sequencer. SenS II is mainly used for live performances. The internal sequencer gave the performer much more freedom to manipulate rhythms, melodies and other events live. For this an improved version of the SenSorSuit was used.


Live images

2006 – Sens III

With the development of SenS III we improved all the different aspects of SenS II. Different editors like the Decor Builder, AV Block Editor and Tag Editor made the system much more user friendly. SenS III was much better controllable with an external music sequencer which made it easier to create more complex compositions, like On d Job and My Technology. SenS III was used for many performances.


2008 – Sens IV

SenS IV was a much improved version of SenS III, with the added functionality to make video recordings live on stage and use these recordings directly in a performance. SenS IV was a very solid video sampling, mix, effects and real time motion graphic system that was used for a wide range of projects. We have been awarded with a Webby Award for this work.


Selected projects

2010 – Senna

Senna is a visual music instrument for childeren. It has the same features as SenS IV but with a very different interface. The interface of Senna comprises of a virtual 3D space where all the interface elements coexist together. A creative quest guides children step-by-step through the process of making an audiovisual composition. They can download YouTube videos, make video beats, video melodies, make a story and apply audio visual 3D effects.


Selected projects

2012 – Sensei

With the development of SenSei we created an improved version of SenS IV and tried to integrate it as seamless as possible into Ableton Live using the new possibilities of Max for Live. Connecting the interface technology we developed for Senna to the input of a Kinect 3D camera we created a new way to control this system, called Augmented Stage. This enables the user to ‘step into the screen’ and interact with the video samples and graphics live.


Selected projects

2015 – Interactive Tracks

From 2013 we started releasing our software as small interactive video iOS applications. In this way we were able to remake most of the succesful concepts into downloadable software. Our first step towards the release of EboSuite. We integrated a.o. our realtime video and motion graphics mix software, the audiovisual effects and the granular AV playback engine into these ‘Interactive Tracks’ apps.

Selected projects

2015 – Ebosuite

In 2017 we launched EboSuite. EboSuite is under constant development and everything we learned from our past will be integrated, and much more! 🙂

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