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Video Plug-ins

for Ableton Live

Make music with video

EboSuite is a growing set of plug-ins that turns Ableton Live into an audio-visual production suite. With EboSuite you can create, sample, play, mix and manipulate visuals in the same way as you are used to with audio. The plug-ins are designed to fit seamlessly in the creative workflow of music producers and performers. This provides an unrivalled way of integrating music and visuals into live shows and music productions. EboSuite enables musicians/artists to produce their own video clips, audiovisual performances and innovate in the field of visual music. EboSuite works for Mac and Windows, but for Windows it has a limited feature set.

For Mac

The Mac version includes all the features of the Windows version, with additional capabilities such as virtually unlimited visual effects and visual generators, a text generator, live camera input, live video recording and more.

For Windows

The Windows version includes advanced video sampling, video playback in Session and Arrangement View, turn the Simpler into a video sampler, video mixing and arranging, Spout out and more. The EboSuite license key works for both the Mac and Windows versions.

Treat video like audio

  • Play video in Session View and Arrangement View
  • Edit video clips using Warp Markers, Loop, Start/End etc.
  • Use Live’s audio mixer as a video mixer
  • Mix video using Live’s crossfader with visual effects (Mac only)
  • Position, scale and rotate video tracks to make a visual arrangement

Get creative with video in Ableton Live

  • Trigger video live or with MIDI clips
  • Pitch and tune video with different tuning modes
  • Record video live and use immediately in your set (Mac only)
  • Simulate video scratch
  • Realtime time-stretching
  • Slicing, Velocity to opacity, audiovisual ADSR
  • One-shot, Loop, PreRoll, and more …
  • Fully automatable

Create your own visuals
(Mac only)

  • ISF support, more than 1500 ISF effects and generators available for virtually unlimited visual possibilities
  • 34 image control, utility effects, and creative distortion effects incl. Luma/Chroma key, Mask, Blur
  • Organize effects in groups
  • Parameter smoothing
  • Easy to combine with Live’s audio effects, fully automatable

And much more

  • Connect multiple webcams or iPhone and iPad cameras (Mac only)
  • Support for many video codecs (HAP, H264, ProRes, etc.) (Mac only)
  • Convert video to the HAP video codec within Live
  • Support for grouping, racks, linking (Mac only)
  • Create polyscopic compositions
  • Compile MIDI clips to a movie file within Live
  • download the free trial or read the manual to learn all about the creative features

Easy to use

If you know Ableton Live, you know EboSuite. It’s that simple.


We have been developing software and hardware for audiovisual productions and performances since 1995. The EboSuite plug-ins are seamlessly integrated into Live’s interface, but all the video processing is done outside of Ableton Live in a separate, native Windows/OSX application to maximize performance and reliability. All communication with the EboSuite application happens through the EboSuite plug-ins within Ableton Live. Very easy to use, very reliable.

Our community has got your back

Questions? Suggestion? Visit the EboSuite forum or Facebook group. EboSuite comes with an extensive manual and tutorial videos. We love to hear from you and we love to help.

Support page

Ready to get started?

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