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Basic FX

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eFX are modular, stackable visual effect plug-ins for realtime image manipulation and processing.

eFX plug-ins

Currently EboSuite comes with 33 eFX plug-ins: 

  • Bend – bend / creative distort effect 
  • BlockBlur – diffuse the image
  • BrCoSa – change brightness, contrast and saturation
  • BulgeTwist – creative distort effect
  • Chroma – make a color range transparant
  • Crosshatch – creative distort effect
  • DanPix – creative distort effect
  • Edge – add contrast to sharp color changes in the image
  • Glutch – creative distort effect
  • HSBShift – manipulate the color range / creative distort effect
  • HueRotate – manipulate the color range
  • HueSat – manipulate the saturation level
  • Kaleido – mirror and repeat parts of the image to create symmetrical patterns
  • Kaputt – creative distort effect
  • Levels – move and stretch the brightness levels of the image histogram
  • LoFi – creative distort effect
  • Median – average the colors in the image
  • Noise – creative distort effect
  • OneHue – focus on one color in the image and manipulate this color
  • Pointilize – convert the image in a set of black and white points
  • Polygonize – creative distort effect
  • RGB – adjust the red, green and blue channels
  • RGBShift – position and scale the red, green and blue channels
  • RotaZoom – tile and rotate the image
  • Shine – make the image glow
  • SineThreshold – creative distort effect
  • Slitscan – creative distort effect
  • Slitsglow – creative distort effect, especially useful for high contrast images
  • Wave – wave / creative distort effect
  • WaveGlass – creative distort effect 

Adding eFX plug-in to your Live set

To add a eFX plug-in to your Live set just drag the plug-in from the eFX folder in the EboSuite plug-ins folder on a group, return track, audio/MIDI track with EboSuite plug-ins or the master track. eFX plug-ins on the Master track manipulate the image of the final mix. eFX plug-ins on individual tracks manipulate the visual output of that track.


You can group eFX and load them in an instrument rack. You can not load eFX plug-ins in a chain in a Rack.


Each eFX plug-in has a Smooth controller. Use the Smooth controller to even out the motion of the effects. Increasing this parameter will make the eFX plug-ins ignore rapid value changes to reduce noise and to create a more continuous, fluent, natural motion.


How to add eFX

Envelope follower – Control effects with audio

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