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Record your composition

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Record the video output

The eSyphon plug-in is particularly useful to record your final mix. To do this add an eSyphon plug-in to the Master track and download the Syphon recorder application.

Select your Syphon stream on the bottom-left side of the Syphon Recorder’s interface (‘Master – EboSuite’ in the example shown above). In most cases this will be done correct automatically. Next, just press the ‘Snapshot’ button (to make a picture) or ‘Record’ button (to make a movie).

Adding audio to your movie recording

The Syphon Recorder application only records the video output. To add audio to your recorded movie do the following:

  • in case of a live performance: record the audio in Ableton Live during the performance on an audio track
  • when not a live performance: render the audio of your composition using Ableton Live’s export audio feature
  • drag the movie file recorded with Syphon Recorder to an audio track in Ableton Live. This will open Ableton Live’s standard video output window.
  • drag the recorded/rendered audio file to an audio track below the movie file in Ableton Live
  • sync the audio and movie file by moving the audio file
  • export the audio and video tracks to a new movie file using Ableton Live’s export audio/video feature. Learn more about exporting video from Ableton Live using the standard export function in the Ableton Live manual.

Tutorial (version 1.x)

Quick-tip (version 1.x)

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