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Use the eArrangement plug-in to use videos on audio tracks in Ableton Live’s Arrangement View and manipulate them with visual effects and mix them with other video tracks.

Important note: the eArrangement plug-in only works in Live 11

Adding the eArrangement plug-in to your Live set

To add an eArrangement plug-in to your Live set just drag the eArrangement plug-in from the EboSuite plug-in folder to an audio track in Arrangement View.

Note: The eArrangement plug-in only works with clips on audio tracks in Arrangement View. Use the eSession plug-in to use movie clips on audio tracks in Session View.

Loading a video

Simply drag a movie file on the audio track in Arrangement View. The audio will be played by Ableton Live, the video track by the EboSuite application. Many video codecs are supported, but the Hap video codec is preferred, since this video codec is optimised for live video playback (see the section about video codecs). When you load a movie file on an audio track in Arrangement View for the first time, Ableton Live’s Video Window will open automatically. You can close this window, since video playback will no be handled by the EboSuite application and will be visible in the EboSuite output window.

Warping, looping, editing

Using the eArrangement plug-in enables you to treat video files like audio clips and edit their Warp markers, loop points, start/end points etc.

Opacity Mode

The opacity of the video is automatically linked to the volume slider of Ableton Live’s audio mixer. A lower volume will result in a more transparant video (fade out). You can control the video opacity manually by setting it to Manual in the eArrangement plug-in’s interface.