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Use the eVideoSend plug-in to

  • send the visual output of a track to a track with an eVideoReceive plug-in in your Live Set
  • route the output of your video tracks to other video applications (that support Syphon) like VJ-, video mapping- or visual effects software or to the Syphon Recorder application.

Note: in EboSuite 1.x this plug-in was called eSyphonOut. The functionality and interface are the same.

Adding the eVideoSend plug-in to your Live set

To add the eVideoSend plug-in to your Live set just drag the plug-in from the EboSuite plug-ins folder to the Master track or a MIDI/Audio track with EboSuite plug-ins. Use the eVideoSend plug-in on the Master track to send the final visual mix to other tracks (containing the eVideoReceive plug-in) or other video applications (that support Syphon). Use the eVideoSend plug-in on an individual track to send the video output of a single track.


The eVideoSend plug-in uses Syphon to send visual streams to the eVideoReceive plug-ins or other applications supporting Syphon. Syphon is designed to be efficient and will not duplicate resources unnecessarily. This makes EboSuite very flexible and easy to use with other video applications.

Set the Syphon stream name

The Syphon stream name is the name that will appear in the target eVideoReceive plug-in or external video application, so it is recommended to choose a clear, recognisable name to avoid confusion. When naming the stream is set to ‘Auto’ the stream will automatically be named after the Ableton Live track on which the eVideoSend plug-in is loaded. When set to ‘Manual’ you can enter a custom name.

Vertical flip texture

In some cases the texture will be flipped vertically when it is received by the target application. Use this feature to correct this.