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Application and output window

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The EboSuite application and the Output Window

The EboSuite application will automatically be launched when you add a visual source plug-in to your Ableton Live set (eSession, eArrangement, eSampler, eSimpler, eISF, eVideoIn, eText). When the EboSuite application is launched the video output window will appear.

When the application is active in the foreground (click inside the output window to bring the application to the foreground) the application’s menu bar will appear at the top of the desktop.

The EboSuite application can only be controlled from the menu bar and from the EboSuite plug-ins in Ableton Live. The menu bar contains the following items:

  • EboSuite
    • About EboSuite – information about EboSuite
    • Licensed to: – name and email address of licensee
    • Services – no services apply
    • Hide EboSuite
    • Hide Others
    • Show All
    • Quit EboSuite
  • File
    • Close – this will close the output window and quit the EboSuite application
  • View
    • Statusbar – this will add the status bar to the output window showing the current window size and the amount of free VRam
    • Always On Top – this will force the output window to always stay on top of other windows, even when another application is active in the foreground
    • Titlebar – this will add the title bar to the output window
    • Renderer – select which processor is used to process all visual playback, mixing and manipulations
    • Enter Full Screen – this will make the output window fill the whole screen
  • Window
    • Minimise – this will minimise the output window and move it to the dock
    • Output sizes – a selection of default output window sizes
    • Bring All to Front

The output window can also be controlled using the eOutput plug-in. You can also set the output window to full screen mode by right-clicking (or ctrl-click) the EboSuite icon in the Dock in the Finder.