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Use the eSamplerAnalyserSettings (eSAS) plug-in to adjust the settings of the audio analysis used to slice samples in the eSampler.

Adding the eSAS plug-in to your Live Set

To add the eSAS plug-in to your Live Set just drag the plug-in from the EboSuite plug-ins folder to a MIDI track containing an eSampler.

Changing the settings

The analyser has two modes:

  • Normal mode
  • Alternative mode

The normal mode uses two envelope followers (trackers) with a different speed. A slice is made whenever the fast tracker exceeds the slow tracker with a certain percentage (defined by the bias). Additionally the minimum distance between slices can be set to discard slices that are too close to each other.

The alternative mode uses two low pass filter stages over the absolute value of the signal where the slice is set when the output of the first stage exceeds the second with a certain amount (Alt Value).