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Use the eReturnTrack plug-in to use Ableton Live’s Sends and ReturnTracks to mix video.

Adding the eReturnTrack plug-in to your Live Set

To add the eReturnTrack plug-in to your Live set just drag the plug-in from the EboSuite plug-in folder to a return track in your Live Set.

Using the eReturnTrack plug-in

When an eReturnTrack plug-in is present on a return track in your Live Set, you can use the Sends of the audio and MIDI tracks with EboSuite plug-ins to send their visual output to the return track. The amount of the Sends parameter determines the opacity of the video in the return track.

Mixing order

You can send multiple video tracks to a return track. The order of the tracks and the send amount determines the order and the opacity of the video tracks in the video mix of the return track. Add visual effects to enhance the mix. The output of the return track is mixed on top of EboSuite’s master video mix.

Opacity Mode

The opacity of the eGroup plug-in is automatically linked to the volume slider of Ableton Live’s audio mixer. A lower volume will result in a more transparant video (fade out). You can control the video opacity manually by setting it to Manual.

Mute Audio

Enabling Mute Audio will mute the sound of the return track, so only the video is mixed and visible in the EboSuite video mix. The sound of the video tracks sent to the return track is not audible in Ableton Live’s audio mix.